Twitter update v7.2 for Android brings automatic night mode

This is a small change, yet one that will make a lot of users happy.

Twitter first rolled out its night mode (dark theme) last year on Android, but users needed to enable or disable the feature manually. But now, in version 7.2 of the app, Twitter has added an “automatic night mode” that automatically turns on and off at sunrise and sunset.

Once you update your app to version 7.2, you’ll notice night mode has been turned off in the app (if it was previously enabled). Just pull out the menu from the left side of your screen, turn night mode on, and you’ll be presented with this message:

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If you try out automatic night mode and aren’t a fan, you can turn it off in the settings menu by heading to Settings and privacy>Display and sound>Night mode, then select offon, or automatic at sunset.

Interested in giving this new Twitter update a shot? Head to the Play Store link below to grab the latest version.

Previous updates

Twitter gets a new look

June 15: If you happen to use Twitter on Android, iOS, the web, Twitter Lite, or TweetDeck, you’re in for a nice surprise. The Twitter team has announced a visual refresh to basically all its services, which will begin rolling out over the next few days (as of June 15). For starters, all of these Twitter apps will be getting a much more refined typography, which will feature bolder headlines and a consistent look. Rounded profile pictures are on their way with this update, too. Twitter is also bringing more intuitive icons to its applications.

Accept/delete Twitter Direct Messages from people you don’t know

May 30: Twitter is adding some more privacy for users who want to accept Direct Messages from anyone, even from people they don’t follow. From now on, users of the Android and iOS app, along with, can choose to either accept or delete any Direct Messages before they read them. If you accept a DM from someone you don’t know on Twitter, the message will then be moved to the inbox and that person will then know you have accepted and seen that message. If you don’t want to accept the message, you can delete it so you won’t see it in your inbox.

New rules for @usernames in 140 character messages

March 30: Twitter updated its service so that inserting @usernames in replies to individuals or groups will no longer be counted as part of its normal 140 character barrier.

Fighting abusive content

February 7: Twitter posted new updates aimed at reducing the amount of abusive content found on the social network. They include preventing people who previously had a Twitter account suspended from creating more accounts, along with filtering potentially sensitive content, or ones that have been blocked, from search results. Finally, it will “collapse” abusive or “low-quality” replies.

GIF Keyboard

February 6: GIF keyboard functionality has now been integrated into the Twitter app. The upgrade allows users to search for and post GIFs from popular websites like GIPHY and Imgur on Twitter when using compatible keyboards such as Gboard (formerly Google Keyboard) and Chrooma.

Source: techspot

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