Google is making it easier for people to pay their Project Fi group plan bills

If you are on a family plan or group plan with your wireless carrier, sometimes you have to ask everyone else on the plan to pay his or her share of the bill. Previously, group plans on Google’s Project Fi MVNO didn’t make it easy to figure out the amount each person needed to pay. Today, the company revealed a new and simple way for a Project Fi group plan account owner to split the bill without having to use a calculator. The update to the Project Fi app should add this new feature for all users by the end of this week.

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February 22, 2017

Once it appears on your app, you can go to the account billing section to check out the new group repay features. Each plan owner can then select a repayment amount for all the other members of the group plan. Notifications will be sent to each of them every month when it is time to pay the bill. Those plan members can tap the notification and hit “Send Money” to complete the request, via Google Wallet, or they can set it up so that repayments are sent from their preferred account automatically.

Plan owners will also be able to view the entire Project Fi payment history, and check out the current payment status for each member, just in case he or she is a little tardy in sending their money to pay the bill. Overall, this sounds like a great way for any group plan owner to keep track of their bills.

Source: techspot

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