Google Chrome update adds picture-in-picture video support for Android O

Picture-in-picture support for video is already available in the Android O Developer Preview with some apps and it’s going to be one of the standout features of Android 8.0 when it’s released later this year. Picture-in-picture mode, or PiP, is a feature which allows Android users to play a video and place it somewhere on the screen while working on another task.

This was previously available in apps such as YouTube, Duo and Play Movies but, according to Android Police, it’s now supported in Chrome too. If you’re running the Android O Developer Preview, simply tap the Home button when watching a video in full screen via Chrome and it will pop out into its own box which can be moved around the display.

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May 2, 2017

This works for any video you watch in Chrome but it’s not yet clear which versions of Chrome it’s compatible with (if it’s not working for you, try updating to the latest version).

We’re likely to see support for PiP coming to more and more apps as we run up to the Android 8.0 launch, expected in Q3 2017. For more on what Android O is capable of, visit our Android O features roundup at the link. If you want to install the latest version of Chrome, download it at the button below.

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Previous updates

New offline features

May 9: In a Google blog post, product manager Tal Oppenheimer announced some new improvements coming to Chrome for Android’s offline features. You can now tap and hold on any link to download it with the “Download link” option — something that is also possible with article suggestions that appear when you open a new tab. What’s more, the dinosaur page you’ll find in Chrome if you try to access a page while you’re offline now includes a “Download Page Later,” button. Tapping this will mean the page is automatically downloaded when you reconnect to the internet.

Finally, Google has also altered the “new tab” page so that you’ll now see your offline articles, indicated by their “offline badge.” Your most recent downloads will also be shown there at the right-side of the page, too.

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