Endless runner “Run or Die” now available for Android devices

Run or Die, a retro endless runner that was originally launched on PC, has now made its way to Android. Your mission is to make your way through a hazardous city environment and avoid a bunch of obstacles in the process.

You can choose between three different characters and get five differing abilities with the help of the R.O.D. Suit. The game features a day and night cycle, over 170 handcrafted maps, and quite a few different modes. These include a Training Mode that allows you to prepare for the run, Challenge Mode, and Endless Mode.

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3 weeks ago

Daily Runs are also available, where players from all over the world run through the exact same city layout and compete for the highest score. You can take a look at what the game looks like in action in the short video below.

Run or Die looks like a lot of fun and requires you to react extremely fast in order to get to the end. The game is already available in the Google Play Store and will set you back $0.99. Those of you interested can get it via the button below.

Source: techspot

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